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"Life In Color" Original Oil Painting

"Life In Color" Original Oil Painting

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48” x 72” Oil on Canvas


I’ve learned to let go of what I want a painting to look like in my pursuit of creating something beautiful. The art will unfold in its own beautiful way as I continue to work with it and trust my inner guidance to play with colors and textures and layers that I find to be beautiful.

This piece captures two color gradients that I find to be the most beautiful. Orange/Violet and Teal/Blue. These tones are also found in the most beautiful scenes of nature… crystal clear ocean water and vivid sunsets. Together, they create an awe-inspiring view of the beauty of this life. In full, vivid, ultra-high-definition color.

Original piece comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity and Bill of Sale.


Each image is printed on Fine Art Cotton 255gsm paper, using archival inks that last 200+ years.

Care Instructions

For optimal results, place all artwork on display for the viewing pleasure of you, your pets, plants, and those around you.

Shipping & Returns

Each print is made to order and typically ships within 7 days of order submission. Since each order is custom made for you, we do not currently accept returns or issue refunds. If you are not completely satisfied with your item, please contact us and we will make it right.

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Hi there - Julian here.

Just wanted to let you know that you should be going for your dreams and making your art... whatever that means to you. Cooking, spreadsheets, the way you dress, photography, poems, doodles during meetings, whatever...

Infuse art into your routine, your habits, actions, and environment.

Just do it. Your mind, body, and soul will be much happier.

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