Collection: Spanish Rioja

There is a deep romantic part of me that loves European culture. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a Portuguese household, or maybe it’s because of the food and wine in Europe. And lifestyle. And style. And architecture. And ability for adults to actually take time off from work and enjoy the summer.

I’ve always had a nerdy fascination with certain things that we consume that involve time and art to make. Wine, beer, coffee, chocolate, tea, etc… A seemingly simple beverage can have so much history and variables and cultural influences around the world - it’s an entire encyclopedia in one cup.

In 2017 this fascination took me to the Rioja wine region in Spain. Driving around felt like I was living among the wineries and the artistry of making their wine.

My hope for these pictures is to transmit some of that regional artistry and culture through the images. I want you to feel what it’s like to walk among the vineyards, to see the colors, to hear the breeze flow through the leaves.